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TRENDS Call for Presenters

On behalf of the TRENDS in Occupational Studies committee, I wanted to share with you the “Call for Presenters” form.  This online form is used by the various committees (Technical, Health Sciences, IT, General, etc.) to solicit potential presentations for the 2017 conference (Oct 19 – 20, 2017). This is your chance to show off… Continue Reading TRENDS Call for Presenters


Mid-Semester Alerts: A Chance for Students To Reflect

During our December Friday Forum discussion on grading, Communications instructor Dani Garcia talked about how she has students do regular metacognitive grade checks. She makes the grade check an assignment worth points. To do the assignment, students have to go into Moodle, look at their grades and then write reflectively about how they are doing in… Continue Reading Mid-Semester Alerts: A Chance for Students To Reflect


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