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After attending a conference, please provide a review of the conference for others at NMC.    Provide a ranking from 1 – 5 stars and short review of the positives and negatives of the conference with consideration on how the conference experience will impact  curriculum, teaching and learning, and your personal scholarship.


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Apr 01, 2014 by Margery Taylor

Conference Overview:
The MICNP Advanced Nursing Practice Conference presented a challenging variety of patient care experiences with competent, current, evidence based review of key topics in health care impacting patients who are cared for by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Primary Care. The purpose for my attendance was an update on current, pertinent topics in a constantly changing health care environment in an attempt to stay up to date on the latest research and trends in caring for patients and to communicate appropriate health related topics at the bedside level. With this information learned, I hope to also transfer pertinent information to fellow colleagues and second year student nurses.

Conference Content:
The content of each session was quite extensive and addressed the role of the nurse in early recognition and management of disorders such as thyroid emergencies, including the significance of the health care challenge, overview of path physiologic derangements early recognition of signs and symptoms of thyroid storm and myxedemic coma. Additionally, case studies, using clinical scenarios, will be extremely helpful in challenging students and novice nurses in their evolvement of critical thinking and clinical reasoning abilities.
The next session on the agenda focused on hypertensive emergencies. The desired effect was to make an impact on cardiovascular risk reduction in the context of patient assessment and management of care with patient focused outcomes.

During an afternoon session, the speaker offered very an impacting topic of concussion assessment, management and return to the sports arena for injured younger individuals. The speaker addressed 4 groups of concussions along with clinical tools schools need to consider following head trauma on the field.

A pertinent session presented by another critical care advanced practice registered nurse was interesting and applicable to clinical practice. Here we looked at achieving safe use of opiods, along with risks of overdose and documentation of patient interactions, assessments and patient responses, very applicable to patients and nurses working in the acute care setting. Accomplished speakers were extremely knowledgeable, practicing advanced practice nurse practitioners, many of whom are nationally recognized for their knowledge and clinical expertise.

A final session looked at health care fraud, and current enforcement trends impacting advanced practice nurses along with nurse practitioner liability.

Conference Implications
A.This Conference was “designed for nurses caring for patients in the primary care setting and with patients admitted to the acute care setting. With the high acuity of patients entering the health care system currently, I believe keeping current on the constantly changing health care environment with different types of clinical problems, such as presented during this weekend conference was time very well spent. This conference goal was met. I learned a great deal from the time spent attending this educational offering as briefly summarized above. Networking with fellow nurse practitioners and colleagues was an added bonus.

B. Since I am currently in the clinical arena as an adjunct instructor with second year nursing students nearing graduation, I plan to integrate this timely knowledge into my nursing practice and appropriately share pertinent information with my clinical students. Further, part of my goal as a nursing instructor is to challenge students to think critically and use knowledge they have integrated into their practice, they may benefit as I have.

C. I believe my students, NMC, and I have unquestionably benefited from this conference. This conference exceeded my expectations. Not only were presenters current and competent, they challenged the audience to continue to learn and remain vital to the nursing profession. I thank NMC for providing the support, so that I am able to attend and grow from the knowledge learned.

International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

Mar 27, 2014 by Debra Pharo

This was a great conference in a great location. It was snowy and cold in Traverse City while it was 80° in San Antonio.

This was a technology conference and I was not disappointed. I went to some very good sessions on using the ipad and came home with some ideas that I am working on implementing. The main apps that I will be using are TI-Nspire, Notability and Explain Everything. We were also introduced to Nearpod which I will be investigating further on my own.

I went to several sessions on redesigning math classes. I found that most schools are stressing acceleration in their redesigns (we currently are not).

There were many other good session, many that I was not able to attend, but look forward to having access to the materials presented when the proceedings are posted.

Teaching Professor Technology, Atlanta, GA. - October 2013

Mar 25, 2014 by Joel Papcun

Teaching Professor conferences are great, and this was no exception. This was the first Teaching Professor geared specifically toward the use of "Technology" in the classroom. The sessions were inclusive of many new or revised techniques/methods of teaching. The focus was about the use of these methods in teaching, and not just online or hybrid courses. Several sessions detailed the use of technology to provide small, quick, attention-grabbing lessons, or momentary "breaks" from a particular task in an effort to maintain or change focus. The "Flipped Classroom" was a large focus as well. In each of the Teaching Professor conferences I have attended, I also participated in the "Pre-Conference" sessions on Friday morning/afternoon. These are longer, half-day sessions that are well worth the time. I found each of the pre-conference sessions to be well presented and informational. Over all, I would recommend this conference to all the folks looking to enhance and upgrade their use of, or command of, technology in the classroom. Many good opportunities, and mostly high quality presenters. "Dinner on your own" each evening offers opportunities to signup and dine with conference attendees based on a topic of interest. This conference is held Friday through Sunday morning, so it may have little or no impact on class schedule.

Lilly Conference - Traverse City; October 2013

Mar 21, 2014 by Gary Klotzbach

This was an excellent conference. I attended as many sessions as possible that pertained to various aspects of critical thinking. A session that was particularly interesting was taught by an instructor of acting techniques; she emphasized that a significant portion of an instructor’s communication to his or her students is nonverbal. Another session emphasized the importance of providing additional encouragement and guidance to students in courses that are especially difficult.

Concept Based Curriculum

Mar 17, 2014 by Laura Schmidt

In February several nursing faculty attended a conference on concept based curriculum. It was a very good conference to introduce everyone to this topic. The speaker gave several practical suggestions that could be used to help us improve our program.


Mar 17, 2014 by Lisa Dohm

In November I attended the international ACTFL conference for 3 days. I attended a workshop on integrated performance-based assessments (IPA) and was able to support our on-going work in World Languages developing students' abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the target language. The goal of our department is to have instructors act as facilitators in the classroom and design authentic opportunities for students to engage in the language while they are in class. This is contrary to the typical higher ed model of language instruction. Our goal at NMC is for students to become proficient in the language and research supports integrating the 4 skills in order to achieve this. It was wonderful to get concrete examples with rubrics to support our goal. I intend to slowly implement IPA in all levels of instruction with the help of our talented adjunct instructors.


Mar 17, 2014 by Susan Odgers

I attend the 2014 LAND conference in Bay City, MI in February. Several of my NMC colleagues were also in attendance. The conference and many of the meals were at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel on the waterfront(frozen! Lots of ice fishing) in Bay City. One night a dinner meal was held at the Old City Hall Grill in Bay City. The food at the Old City Hall Grill was very good and it was a pleasure to briefly explore Bay City. The city has an interesting downtown...including a planetarium(Delta College and Bay City) not to be missed. I was one of many(including others from NMC) 10 minute "Lightning" presenters. The entire first full day of the conference included about 25-30 of these presentations on as many different topics as one could think of for community colleges liberal education. There were plenty of opportunities to network with colleagues from the 28 MI community colleges. Awards were given on the last day of the conference for excellence---to students, faculty and the institutions themselves. Throughout the conference there were also longer topic based workshops. Our own Nancy Parshall was a key administrator of this conference. She's the president of the board of LAND. I took away so much information that my head was spinning! Many of us were impressed with the work of some of the winning presentations: creating a syllabus that uses an engaging newsletter format as well as the value of stories as a tool for teaching. For me, another benefit of attending this conference was the opportunity to hear specifically what/how adjunct faculty are doing at all of the other colleges. I would highly recommend NMC faculty/staff attend the LAND conference in 2015. I'm honored and thankful I was able to attend. I'd be glad to meet with folks if you'd like to learn more about the conference, materials and my experience. Thank you, Susan Odgers

ACTFL Conference 2014

Mar 16, 2014 by Mary

I attended the American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages conference in Orlando. It was great! There were 100's of sessions to choose from, and I feel my understanding of where the current research stands is much clearer. My department benefited as we shared materials and ideas. Thank you NMC!

Michigan Career Education Conference

Mar 14, 2014 by Deb Maison

This conference is designed to facilitate cooperative learning between high school, community college, and university faculty. FSU provided excellent information on their summer bridge program for students not quite ready for college. They also have programs throughout the school year for high school seniors in their area to prepare to enter college. Their online career exploration class for high school students is in place and can be taught at high schools or colleges by faculty at those institutions.

I also learned more about MEL and the incredible free resources we have available to augment instruction at all levels as well as career exploration.

Our team had the opportunity to dialogue on the drive down on ways to implement creativity into instruction at NMC. It was a very successful conference.

Student Success Summit, Lansing 2013

Mar 14, 2014 by Michael Gillett

I found the Student Success Summit to be very interesting for me because it dealt specifically with college developmental courses. The key note speaker Peter Adams presented on "Developmental Education: An Endangered Species?" He address was centered around the states that are passing legislation to do away with developmental education at the college level. Great speaker.

In the break out sessions, two of subjects of greatest interest to me was a discussion on the MTA and how it will affect the mathematical requirement for transfer and two sessions which dealt on how to accelerate the developmental mathematics sequence.

The food at the Kellogg Center was pretty good. They even accommodated me with my nut allergy and gave me an alternative salad and desert. It is also nice to have the conference and the lodging in the same building.

Teaching @ NMC , USA 4.5 5.0 15 15 Conference Overview: The MICNP Advanced Nursing Practice Conference presented a challenging variety of patient care experiences with competent, current, evidence based review of k

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