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How Much is That Worth?

This is a phrase that makes chills go down my spine. Typically it means to an instructor that if you don’t assign points to an assignment, then the student will not see value in it. Many pieces of research have shown that if you are motivated externally (i.e. money or grades), you just won’t do […]

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Extra Credit in the Lab

Extra credit may be trivial to the overall grade. In my electronics lab, it sparked an interest in a simple circuit. The task was to build a simple circuit as introduction to how switches worked. The switch would turn on a motor, making it spin forward or backward depending on which direction was desired. After […]

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Evaluating Nursing Student Clinical Skills

Each semester the fundamental nursing instructors have to evaluate 45 nursing students on 24 different skills. Each skill takes about 10 minutes to evaluate. This equates to 10,800 minutes or 180 hours of class time to complete. The students become frustrated because they aren’t getting signed off and the instructors become overwhelmed because there just […]

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Bibliophobia? Library Phobia?

“She smells vaguely of Band-Aids and Vick’s Vapor Rub. I have several overdue DVDs, one of which is scratched.” Yahoo Answers individual explaining a fear of Librarians. We see it all the time in the Osterlin Library.  The student that reluctantly walks past the reference desk a few times, then finally walks up as if […]

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