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image of 3D NMC Hawk Owl

Thinking in 3D about 3D printers

Sometime this weekend, my office space was invaded by owls–lots of them.  On the keyboard, the bookshelf, the top of the cubical wall,  and on piles of paperwork, but I was thrilled with the Monday morning leavings.   Months ago I had started imagining owls, and after telling a co-worker  we even researched owls together.  The more […]

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Can Learning Grit Be Taught?

I think it can, and this short video created in Adobe Voice tells why. Sidenote:  Adobe Voice is a wonderfully simple to use presentation tool, allowing you to easily insert photos, text, music, and record your voice–IF you plan ahead and make sure the device you are working on has audio capability and access to the […]

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Proctor Now Screenshot

Online Test Proctoring Available @ NMC

Introducing Remote Proctoring with Proctor Now! The Student Success Center and Educational Media Technologies are excited to announce that we will be providing students and faculty with an option for off-site, remote test proctoring! As last week’s snow storms so clearly demonstrated, getting where you want to go in Northern Michigan can sometimes be a […]

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