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CIE Reading Group Book

Each year the CIE Board selects a book which has connections to the classroom, but that also has ties to our personal and professional acumen.  The book for the 2015-2016 academic year will be How We Learn. In the tradition of The Power of Habit and Thinking, Fast and Slow comes a practical, playful, and endlessly […]

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What Will Students Remember from Your Class?

“Father Guido Sarducci – the character played by comedian Don Novello on Saturday Night Live in the 1970s – got some of his biggest laughs with a plan for a Five Minute University. Five years after they leave college, Sarducci noted, most graduates can only remember about five minutes’ worth of all the facts they […]

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Five Tips for Using Spring Fever as a Springboard for Learning

The glorious sun has finally chased winter away just in time for the push towards finals week. After six months of cold and grey, it is a challenge to keep focused on anything indoors—especially for those students who already struggle with school. Fortunately, flipping one’s perspective to incorporate ‘real world’ experiences can take advantage of […]

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