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What Do Students Really Want?

A question of the ages. We can typically answer this question (facetiously) with: “to cancel class”, or “they just want to know what is on the exam.” But in all seriousness, this question has been asked of many students of late. It actually surprises me that students do take this seriously, and if given the opportunity, […]

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Dogs and their owner

Podcast Junkie – Is This Working?

I admit it, I am a podcast junkie.  In particular I am obsessed with “This American Life” which comes out every Monday morning.  For me, it makes Monday my favorite day of the week!  Last Monday’s episode was particularly gripping for me as it was about all the different types of discipline used in the […]

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Kristen Salathiel

Encouraging Every Student to Talk

I have a very quiet ENG 99 class this semester. Even still at week three or four, they were very reluctant to speak up in front of the whole class or even in small groups. So I decided to try something that I had learned at a Reading Apprenticeship workshop several of us attended in […]

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