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Giving the Game Away to Students Via Learning Outcomes

What happens when you change the rules of the game for students, and let them know the outcome before it begins? The following video shares students talking about their experience when they rose to the challenge presented in week one of their course.   (Video Created by Tracy Russo, Meredith Arman, Jeff Straw, and CIT […]

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Bird by Bird

My students are starting to feel overwhelmed right now. They have math tests and English papers and lots of hours at work–two even told me today that they just picked up second jobs. It’s easy for them to give up in the face of so much to do. So it is always at this time […]

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Accessing Your NMC E-mail Account

When you click this button, does it take you to your personal Gmail account? In theory, this button should redirect you to your NMC configured email account. If you have logged into your personal Gmail account on the same machine that you are trying to access your school email on, Google will default to the […]

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Robert Goulet and Aurora Borealis; Only Connect

Do you believe there is something germinal to our lives? Is there something planted in us, perhaps even before there was an us (imagine that one!), something of eternal weightiness, our uniqueness, the reason for OUR being here, OUR being human, which welcomes our tendering and requires our cultivation if it is ever to spring […]

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